Medical Negligence


Medical negligence cases usually involve a great level of uncertainty. Medical negligence allegations can be related to doctors’ or nurses’ alleged breach of duty, or the medical responsibility of the defendant that the law expects. It can also be in relation to a nurses’ standard of care for the patient or the breach of doctor-patient confidentiality. There are many issues the court has to consider before determining if a nurse or practitioner is guilty of medical negligence. With medical jargons thrown around that might leave plaintiffs feeling confused, it is advised to let our experienced lawyers specialising in medical negligence cases in Singapore  take you through the complexities of the litigation procedures.

Before commencing litigation, our skilled lawyers will offer support and professional advice regarding the rights of an individual pertaining to obtaining medical care.

Some examples of medical negligence: 

  1. Misdiagnosis
  2. Providing the wrong medical advice
  3. Error in judgement

Seeking help from a medical negligence lawyer in Singapore can definitely help patients and their family get the matter adjudicated and judged by a Court of law. This can bring about healing and closure for patients or the family members of patients, as receiving negligent treatment can be emotionally and physically damaging.


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