Fraud and Financial Crime


Financial institutions often require legal advice to navigate the challenges of embezzlement, securities fraud and white collar crimes that plague the finance industry. This is essential to ensure no more detrimental harm is caused.

At Harry Elias Partnership, we have a highly regarded team of lawyers working on corruption, embezzlement and other white collar crime cases for a wide range of clients in Singapore including large corporations, financial institutions and senior management and staff.


Our team of investigation lawyers from across different practice areas in Singapore work together as one team to advise in relation to insider dealing, securities fraud, market misconduct, business conduct of corporations, duties of directors and officers of both listed and unlisted companies, complex property offences, corporate and securities breaches and fraud and corruption. We also advise on breaches of disclosure requirements and regulatory offences under the Companies Act, Securities and Futures Act, Listing Manual, Code of Corporate Governance, Singapore Code on Take-overs and Mergers and other regulations.

We help our clients on various regulatory and compliance aspects as a preventive measure. In addition, we have also advised businesses against management/employee fraud and fraud by third parties including advice on corporate governance issues. On the regulatory front, we advised Marina Bay Sands, the first integrated resort in Singapore, on the Casino Control Act and have dealt regularly with the Casino Regulatory Authority. Our work also includes advice on the Energy Markets Act and dealing with the Energy Markets Authority.

If our clients have suffered as a result of embezzlement or other forms of corruption and criminal acts, our lawyers can assist them with formulating complaints to the relevant authorities in Singapore, and where necessary and appropriate, we can initiate private prosecutions and civil claims.

In the unfortunate event that our clients are investigated by the relevant authorities or charged with offences for white collar crimes, we will ensure that a team of lawyers, who have extensive experience in dealing with the Singaporean authorities, are immediately assigned to the case to ensure that they receive prompt and proper representation.


Get in touch with an investigation lawyer if you need to seek legal advice or representation in Singapore.


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