We welcome all applications for internship at Harry Elias Partnership from law students. Our internship programme runs throughout the year.

As we are a full-service Firm, an intern will be exposed to all practice areas. You can express an interest in a particular area of practice, and we will try to accommodate and place you in that practice area. An internship with our Firm will allow you to gain valuable insight into and have a better understanding of the legal practice before you start your legal career.

On your first day of internship, you will take part in an orientation programme, and will be introduced to the members of the Firm. You will be assigned a partner who will be your mentor for the entire duration of your internship with the Firm. Your mentor will give you training assignments and supervised training and discuss any issues or problems you may encounter with the training assignments, and will ensure that the internship is meaningful to you. If you prefer, you can also follow other partners during your internship so as to gain exposure to other areas of law.

How do I apply for internship?

If you are keen, please send your resume and Curriculum Vitae to:

The Recruitment Committee
Harry Elias Partnership LLP
SGX Centre 2, #17-01,
4 Shenton Way,
Singapore 068807

Please include the following details:

  • A short introduction or write-up about yourself
  • A photograph
  • CV including your personal information and contact details
  • The area(s) of practice (or position) you are interested in
  • Previous working experience
  • Records of your extra-curricular activities
  • Exam transcripts
  • Awards/Scholarships received (if any)