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On 26 March 2021, the Fair Tenancy Pro Tem Committee (the “Committee”) set up by the Singapore Business Federation (“SBF”) introduced a Code of Conduct for Leasing of Retail Premises in Singapore (the “Code”). The Code aims to provide a set of... [More]
The Insolvency, Restructuring and Dissolution Act 2018 (No. 40 of 2018) (“IRDA”) which aims to consolidate Singapore’s corporate and personal insolvency and restructuring laws, came into force on 30 July 2020. Of particular interest to commercial... [More]
Introduction The recent decision of the Registrar of Trade Marks (the “Registrar”) in Xiaomi Inc v MiChat Pte Ltd [2021] SGIPOS 2 (“Xiaomi v MiChat”) saw the battle between the mark “” against “​” wherein the Registrar decided that the latter was... [More]
Understanding PDPA in a technologically advanced world The debate around data privacy and user transparency around the world is not new. If only, it has shined an unforgiving light on the consequences of a technologically advanced world, the... [More]
What are the legal grounds for obtaining a divorce in Singapore Getting a divorce may be a tedious process, especially if it is contested. Speaking to a divorce attorney before filing your application is advised so you always remain compliant to... [More]
A simple guide on adoption in Singapore Governed by the Adoption of Children Act (ACA), child adoption in Singapore refers to the process where adopters are conferred parental rights over the child, during which the original parents sever their... [More]
Core legal issues impacting the technology sector in 2021 In Singapore, the technology sector is growing at a speed of light. Occupying the top spot as a potential world-leading technology hub, the country is well on track to develop to its... [More]
Since our previous note on Inward Re-domiciliation to Singapore published on 29 November 2017, and the imposition of more regulatory oversight and requirements in offshore jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands, we have... [More]
The Monetary Authority of Singapore has revealed in its response to the Business Times on 7 December 2020, that it is looking into possibly “widening the scope of permissible fund managers to allow Single Family Offices to manage Variable Capital... [More]
White-collar crimes in Singapore to be aware of In recent times, Singapore’s authorities have stepped up their efforts to reduce white-collar crimes by increasing the scale of investigations and the number of funds seized. Although there is no... [More]