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Why this is Important In the event of a dispute, one of the most significant factors as to whether a party pursues its claim against another party is cost. How much will this case cost the company? How much will we have to spend on legal fees?... [More]
Why We Need Law Enforcement In An Era Of Increasing Scams During The Pandemic White-collar crimes such as fraud or scams typically take place in corporate or commercial settings, where perpetrators try to gain illegal economic or business... [More]
When to Hire a Lawyer in the Event of a Car Accident The unforeseen inconvenience of a motor accident can be tedious for those with little, if not zero, first-hand experience on what to do after a collision. As a general rule of thumb, it is... [More]
The full text of decision may be accessed here. Why this is Important This case applies the implied term of mutual trust and confidence found in employment contracts (“Implied Term”) in the context of investigations and suspensions of... [More]
Why this is Important In CBS v CBP [2021] SGCA 4, the Singapore Court of Appeal (“SGCA”) affirmed the High Court’s setting aside of an arbitral award due to the failure of the arbitrator to hear pivotal witness evidence, despite a party’s request... [More]
Background 1. On 5th May 2021, the US announced its support for waiving patent protections on Covid-19 vaccines. This move comes as Covid-19 infections surge to an all-time high in countries such as India, which are struggling to obtain or... [More]
Proving Adultery: What Your Lawyers Will Need to Know Previously, we discussed four legal grounds for divorce, as prescribed by the Women’s Charter. They are necessary to provide sufficient weight to your case, resultantly showing that your... [More]
In conjunction with World IP Day (26 April), we would like to raise awareness concerning Trademark Protection vis-à-vis the Madrid Protocol (MP) and debunk certain myths or misconception that trademark owners may have towards this filing system.... [More]
Tenant-Landlord: Key Real Estate Issues Faced by Both Parties When renting out a property in Singapore, it is important that the tenancy agreement is thoroughly discussed to ensure both parties are on the same page. Many tenant-landlord disputes... [More]
What to Do if Your Employer Breaches Your Employment Contract In Singapore, employment contracts are prepared with a “freedom of contract” approach, in that both parties - employer and employee - can include the desired terms and conditions,... [More]