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Investment scams are a major problem and they are only getting worse in Singapore. There has been an alarming increase in the number of people who have lost money to investment scams. This type of scam also has the largest impact on those affected,... [More]
Buying property in Singapore is a massive commitment, so choosing the right contractor or interior design (ID) firm to carry out renovations is a big deal too. While homeowners typically already thoroughly scrutinize the renovation contract before... [More]
Following a public consultation conducted by SGX in August 2020, SGX has announced certain amendments to the SGX Listing Rules that took effect from 1 August 2021. Of particular interest is the enhancements to the administrative and enforcement... [More]
Further to the public consultation on the proposed changes to the various IP legislation to simplify and streamline IP processes and improve user experience with digital initiatives in August 2020, the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (the “... [More]
A workplace injury is a type of personal injury experienced due to third party actions. Personal injury is a general term that applies to various settings including the workplace, road, or public areas (e.g. hospitals). In Singapore, workplace injuries... [More]
Singapore’s private resale housing market saw a surge in prices in May 2021, up by 0.9 percent. If you have been planning to purchase your new home, it can be an exciting step for you and your loved ones. However, from upfront payments to house loans,... [More]
CA/CA 26/2020 was an appeal from the High Court decision in Smoothlink Worldwide Services Pte Ltd v Regional Marine & Engineering Services Pte Ltd and another suit [2020] SGHC 94. This case involves claims of misrepresentation and breach of... [More]
A. Background As part of Brexit, the UK’s registry of trademark rights and process for registering trade marks have been decoupled from those of the EU. To facilitate this process, a transition period was agreed to last from 31 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec... [More]
Why this is Important In the event of a dispute, one of the most significant factors as to whether a party pursues its claim against another party is cost. How much will this case cost the company? How much will we have to spend on legal fees?... [More]
Why We Need Law Enforcement In An Era Of Increasing Scams During The Pandemic White-collar crimes such as fraud or scams typically take place in corporate or commercial settings, where perpetrators try to gain illegal economic or business... [More]