SE Asia IP head interviewed by Channel NewsAsia

SE Asia IP head interviewed by Channel NewsAsia
30 Apr 2020

The OECD estimates the value of the global market in counterfeit goods at over USD 500 billion. Brian Law, a partner and specialist in this field, was recently interviewed about the life-threatening consequences of this lucrative, and highly illegal, activity.

Brian Law, the Regional Head of IP in Southeast Asia, was recently interviewed on “Undercover Asia”, an award-winning investigative series broadcast by Channel NewsAsia.

Brian explained that the problem of counterfeit products is no longer just a concern for expensive fashion labels. Organised criminal groups now produce far more deadly fake products, including counterfeit cosmetics, health supplements, medication and high-end alcohol brands. In his interview Brian described how Intellectual Property lawyers (IP) assist clients and regulators in keeping fake products off the market, gave some examples of fake products, and the strategies being adopted to halt the flood of counterfeit products from reaching consumers.

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