Singapore provides many opportunities for local and foreign franchisors to expand their businesses here. Franchising is an efficient way to grow your brand prominence and business, as it allows you to have multiple shop fronts at the same time. While it might sound like a great idea to franchise a brand for passive income, there are legalities involved that every franchisor or franchisee should definitely read up on.

Although Singapore does not have specific franchising laws, bear in mind that there are several legal issues that you should take note of as a franchisor. These legal issues include registering your trademark, drafting indemnity clauses in your franchise/franchisee contracts and ensuring that your business complies with local regulations. This can all be efficiently taken care of by an experienced lawyer at Harry Elias Partnership who specialises in franchising laws in Singapore.

Your franchise lawyer can also help you with these:

  1. Ensure that your franchising agreement does not promote anti-competitive practices in Singapore
  2. Ensure that your franchisee will not be able to carry on a competing business
  3. Protect your intellectual property by helping you register your trademark

It sounds like a lot of trouble to franchise a brand in Singapore, but you have nothing to worry about if you engage one of our trusted franchise lawyers who are apt at giving you the right legal advice.



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