Webinar Invitation: Harry Elias Partnership x KPMG - Benefits of Funds Structures as an alternative to traditional Joint Venture Companies, 3 March 2021, 10.30-11.30am SGT

Webinar Invitation: Harry Elias Partnership x KPMG - Benefits of Funds Structures as an alternative to traditional Joint Venture Companies, 3 March 2021, 10.30-11.30am SGT
25 Jan 2021

Harry Elias Partnership and KPMG in Singapore are pleased to invite you to join us for a Live Webinar on the Benefits of Funds Structures as an alternative to traditional Joint Venture Companies from a tax and legal perspective.

Traditional joint ventures structures involving co-ownership of a joint venture company have been used for parties to collaborate and contribute capital and skill in a single business venture, for example, to develop real estate.

However, joint ventures have been prone to expensive disputes arising from differences in the future direction of the joint venture; conflicts of interest; misalignment of competing interests; and deadlocks.

The following considerations make Fund Structures attractive alternatives:

  • Clear separation of ownership and management.
  • Fund managers are tasked with the management of the assets of the fund while investors would have no management authority/responsibility.
  • Rate of returns can vary to reflect varying contributions.
  • Investors can diversify and limit exposure.
  • Fund structures open doors to multiple tax incentives.

In this webinar, we will evaluate and discuss the benefits of establishing a fund as a method to pursue joint ventures and discuss the legal and tax advantages of the existing and potential fund structures in Singapore.

This webinar is complimentary, although early registration is recommended. Please indicate your availability to attend this webinar by clicking on the registration button below.

If you are unable to join, please extend this invitation to other members of your organization. Should you have any queries, please contact Ricky Soetikno at rickysoetikno@harryelias.com or +65 6361 9343

Webinar Details

Date: Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Time: 10.30am- 11.30am SGT

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About the Speakers

Claudia Teo
Head of Corporate and Financial Services
Harry Elias Partnership

Claudia is Head of the Corporate and Financial Services Practice Group in Singapore. Her main areas of practice are in corporate finance and M&A transactions throughout Asia. Some of her complex deal structures have focused on various industries including healthcare and pharmaceuticals, fintech, natural resources, lifestyle and real estate and construction. She also has extensive experience in investment funds, collective investment schemes and related regulatory and licensing requirements.

Derick Ting
Partner, Corporate and Financial Services
Harry Elias Partnership

Derick is a partner in our Corporate and Financial Services Practice Group. His main areas of practice include the equity and debt capital markets, M&As, investment funds, as well as technology and digital regulatory advice. Derick is also growing his specialty in work related to funds and private trusts, where he has advised clients who fall anywhere along the fund distribution value chain, from capital market intermediaries to trustees, fund managers, investors, sponsors and other stakeholders. Being plugged into the funds and trusts ecosystem, Derick also helps capital markets intermediaries with their licensing and compliance needs as a technology and digital regulatory advisor.

Teo Wee Hwee       
Partner, Head of Real Estate and Asset Management, Tax
KPMG in Singapore

Wee Hwee has an extensive experience in structuring single country and multiple jurisdictions funds with an Asian focus, both close / open ended, listed / unlisted, and across various asset classes. He is also familiar with fund platforms in Singapore, Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands etc, as well as tax efficient divestment planning opportunities for funds with multiple exit strategies. Wee Hwee has also assisted many Singapore and foreign investors to structure their Singapore real estate investments in a tax efficient manner across various asset classes. 

For more information, please contact our Business Development Manager, Ricky Soetikno, at rickysoetikno@harryelias.com.

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