Webinar Invitation: Ask The Expert, 8 December 2020, 12.00- 1.00 PM SGT

Webinar Invitation: Ask The Expert, 8 December 2020, 12.00- 1.00 PM SGT
25 Nov 2020

Ask The Expert

The spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Singapore and around the world has fundamentally changed the way companies are operating and has created significant new business risks. Additionally, contracts continue to under-perform and most negotiations seriously underdeliver on potential value. This finding is not new, but the COVID-19 pandemic has accentuated the extent of the failure and the scale of the opportunity to improve.


The 2020 Most Negotiated Terms report produced by World Commerce & Contracting, is a pivotal resource for organizations seeking to understand and manage their negotiations and contracts better. The data analysed in the report comes from across sectors and geographies. It reveals an on-going conflict in our management of risk, perceived and actual.

This Report consists of data collected from:

  • 65 countries
  • Across 20 industries
  • 58% from buy-side
  • 42% from sell-side

To close the year, Harry Elias Partnership LLP in collaboration with World Commerce & Contracting brings to you this webinar to discuss the following:

  • The top 10 terms that negotiators believe they negotiate with the greatest frequency in a contract negotiation.
  • The top 10 terms that negotiators believe are the most significant in their impact on outcomes or results in a contract negotiation.
  • The top 10 terms that negotiators believe are most often the cause of disagreements or disputes in a contractual dispute. 

Webinar Registration

Harry Elias Partnership LLP and World Commerce & Contracting invite you to the webinar on Tuesday, 8 December 2020 at 12.00 pm - 1.00 pm SGT. Please register here and the 2020 Most Negotiated Terms Report will be made available to attendees. Only registered participants will be admitted to the webinar.

Discussion with


Bruce R. Everett,

Regional CEO, Asia Pacific,

World Commerce & Contracting


The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM), now World Commerce & Contracting, enables public and private sector organizations and professionals to achieve world-class standards in their contracting and relationship management process and skills.

In response to strong interest in Asia Pacific, Bruce Everett was appointed the Regional CEO in Jan 2019. He has previously worked with Information Services Group and CSC, Defence Seaworthiness Management System and Naval Shipbuilding College Relational Contracting, and in operational contract management roles with ANZ Bank and MLC Life Insurance.

Our vision is a world where all trading relationships deliver a social and economic benefit.


Francis Goh


Head, International Arbitration & Private Client Advisory

Harry Elias Partnership LLP | Singapore

francisgoh@harryelias.com | +65 6361 9835

Francis with more than 30 years of dispute resolution experience believes that with proper advice, parties can manage disputes and do business with confidence. His practice covers a broad spectrum including advising listed companies and multinational corporations on their legal processes and risk management as well as representing clients in the Singapore Courts, International Arbitration and Mediation.

Francis has acted in international arbitrations under the SIAC, HKIAC, ICC and LMAA. In foreign courts, he has provided specialist views on aspects of Singapore law. An early adopter of mediation, both as counsel and as mediator, Francis understands how to use the mediation process to help parties negotiate win-win commercial outcomes for their disputes.

K. K. Lim

Of Counsel, Harry Elias Partnership LLP |

ASEAN Board Member, World Commerce & Contracting 

kklim@harryelias.com | +65 6361 9307

KK heads the firm’s Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection Practice Group. He has more than 25 years of experience in technology advisory and commercial matters, with a focus in representing clients and advising matters involving privacy and data protection, cybersecurity, mobile security, audit, and compliance advisory. He is an alumnus of the University of Texas, at Austin, Monash Law School, Australia, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, and a Certified Information Security Manager.

He is the Chairman of the Cybersecurity and Data Protection Committee of the Law Society of Singapore (2017 to 2019) and current Co-Chair, an Adjunct Faculty member of The Institute of Systems Science (NUS) and Singapore Institute of Technology, Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) (UK) and Assistant Secretary of CMI Singapore Chapter (2020).

Harry Elias Partnership Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection Practice

The Harry Elias Partnership Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection Practice is led by practice leaders with extensive legal and technical experience in cybersecurity and data protection. We provide legal advisory to Singapore based SMEs, regional and global companies on both Singapore data protection laws and the General Data Protection Regulation. The Practice  has extensive working relationships with leading legal, forensic, accounting and tax advisory firms in member states of ASEAN and is well-positioned to support our clients throughout this region.

Harry Elias Partnership International Arbitration Practice

The Harry Elias Partnership International Arbitration Practice is committed to providing its clients with cost-efficient and effective solutions. We regularly provide advice on complex international commercial disputes. We have extensive experience in advising and successfully representing multinational entities and our team is comprised of trained and experienced litigation, mediation and arbitration advocates. As a full-service Singapore law firm, we have full rights of audience before all tiers of Singapore Courts and are well-placed to advise and support our clients in arbitration and mediation-related court applications.

For more information, please contact our Business Development Manager, Ricky Soetikno, at rickysoetikno@harryelias.com.